Tofte’s Table

Tofte’s Table Interior Alteration 
Waukesha, Wisconsin
A cozy, central coffee shop, Tofte’s Table is the quintessential coffee place. Located in the heart of downtown Waukesha, Tofte’s Table combines rich colors, lavish decoration, and warm light to create relaxing and inviting ambiance. Within the existing building and space, Thrive worked with Tofte’s Table to renovate their bar, dining, and serving areas. Fitting within the small footprint of the existing space was a challenge, but Thrive overcame this by maximizing space and designing flexible areas. To harmonize the design, Thrive updated the flooring and choose a rich purple color for the walls to also create a modern look. The project required lots of attention to details, and Thrive’s exceptional team worked to make sure all the withes of the owners was conveyed.